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also this forum that i haven't decided what to do with yet [link]
Tue Dec 05, 2006 14:38 EST
my onion-esque headline of the week: Girl On Okcupid Likes Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Thu Dec 23, 2004 14:12 EST
Thu Aug 26, 2004 02:09 EDT
Damn, I was away for ages and nobody posted. You all suck.
Mon Jul 26, 2004 20:00 EDT
Goodbye everyone...
Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:52 EDT
Peter Garrett, of Midnight Oil.. Mark Latham, leader of the opposition, and his wife.. and.. kared? [link]
Thu Jul 01, 2004 19:39 EDT
George W. Bush bereitet sich auf eine Rede vor (George W. Bush prepares for a speech). In RealPlayer and WMV formats. [link]
Sat May 22, 2004 16:08 EDT
Despite barely mentioning the UN and not mentioning Belgium at all, this is an interesting article about something rarely discussed in the United States. [link]
Sat Apr 17, 2004 03:14 EDT
i married for love.. but then again, i'm married to myself.
Sun Apr 04, 2004 01:32 EST
Only liberals eat ice cream.
Wed Mar 31, 2004 22:09 EST
Just playing with this thing.
Wed Mar 10, 2004 02:53 EST
Can everyone say an extra prayer for Mr. John Ashcroft, may he live forever.
Sun Mar 07, 2004 02:53 EST
If something doesn't really fit in anywhere else, post it in "Misc". Think of it as the Fark-like category where you can post random cool websites etc.
Sun Mar 07, 2004 00:50 EST
greg farts. no seriously greg farts a lot. greg farts like PBFFFHFHFHTTT all day long. sometimes they smell awful, sometimes they don't smell and sometimes the windows is open and thank god for that. I really can't stress how much greg farts. It's psychotic. I will never fart as much as greg.
Thu Mar 04, 2004 23:17 EST